Marriage Protection


When it comes to weddings I usually have the “best seat in the house.” Getting to officiate at a wedding is one of the fun things a pastor gets to do and it does offer a wonderful perspective on the proceedings. For one thing, no one blocks your view; you get to really see the reactions of the bride and groom and you have no trouble hearing the vows being said (you also can’t be late since they can’t start without you!). One of my favorite moments is when the bride first makes her appearance; I usually glance at the grooms face and watch the “wow” expression when he first glimpses his bride in her wedding day glory.

There are more sobering moments in a wedding, especially when I say the part about…”until death do us part.” This fixes in my mind the preciousness of marriage and its permanence. There are very few other things in life to which we make a life-long, sacred vow. Not every marriage makes it until death do us part, but that is certainly God’s greatest ideal for every marriage and this is what we, as ministry, are committed to helping our couples accomplish. The best thing that you can do to work toward a permanent marriage is focus on your and your spouse‚Äôs spiritual development. From our growing commitment to Christ comes a growing commitment to marriage. 

originally published January 22, 2010