No danger, no stress, no life!


Earlier this year Julie and spent an enjoyable day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando. During a walk through one section of the park we came to the area containing gorillas. The one pictured above caught my attention and I spent a few minutes observing him enjoying an afternoon snack while watching the people who were watching him. Disney is quick to inform park guests as to how well the animals are cared for. This guy gets regular checks by the vet, they are supervised by primatologists, and their diet is strictly controlled for quality and nutritional value. They are protected by various means from any threat. In short for the most part they have it made. No poachers to contend with, no food shortages or lack of shelter. Just eat, sleep, repeat! Just do what you do and let folks who want to see you up close take a look without having to go to the Congo.

Sometimes we long for that kind of stress-free life — but is that really living? No obstacles to overcome, problems to solve, no risk, no win or lose just maintain. Seems like all of that discomfort and chaos that I often complain about is part of God’s plan to help me grow and become more like His Son. The struggle is necessary it is not optional in God’s plan. So the next time life gets a little scary think about my hairy friend back at the zoo, is that really living?

Zoos are for animals – I prefer to live in the wild.

Jesse Waggoner  @JesseWaggoner

Originally published September 29, 2010