Pastor Jesse Waggoner leads a discussion-based Bible study looking at how Jesus is serving His people now.  We often focus on the ministry to the point of His resurrection and contemplate His return, but the Bible has much to say about what He is doing right now.   Plan on being encouraged and motivated as we find out the “right now” of our Savior’s ministry.




His Exaltation

In this study we will learn the significance of the ascension of Jesus. We will look at the historical record, prophecy and teaching about this pivotal moment in God’s plan.

Discussion Guide for Session One


He Prays for You 

The Bible teaches that Jesus make intercession for His own from the right hand of God.  Let this truth sustain you and motivate you as you serve as an intercessor for others.

Discussion Guide for Session Two


Heaven’s Courtroom

In session three of “Right Now – Jesus’ Ministry at God’s Right Hand” we learn that our Savior serves as our advocate against the slander of the devil. Download the discussion guide and join in the Bible study

Discussion Guide for Session Three



In this Bible study from 2 Peter 3, we find that Jesus “waiting” at the right hand of God is for the benefit of mankind. Enjoy part 4 of “Right Now, Jesus Ministry at the right hand of God.

Discussion Guide for Session Four


Preparing a Place

In part five of “Right Now: Jesus’ Ministry at the Right Hand of God” Jesse Waggoner shows us how Jesus is right now preparing heaven for us and wants to prepare us for heaven.

Discussion Guide for Session Five 



In part six of “Right Now: Jesus’ Ministry at the Right Hand of God” we look at Matthew 16:17-19. This passage shows us how Jesus is right now building His church.

Discussion Guide for Session Six


Greatest Gift

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