Starts in person 8-11-2021, online 8-12-2021

If you were allowed an in-person meeting with God, what do you imagine it would be like?  Would it be like being called to the  principal’s office, a family intervention, a worship service, entering a classroom or a visit with a family member?  Whatever we imagine, it would fall short.  In Exodus 19-40 Israel camped out at the foot of Mount Sinai for a close encounter with the God of the universe.  As we look at highlights of this meeting we will have a clearer picture of God and our relationship with Him.  Prepare to be amazed, humbled and stretched as we answer the call to come meet God.

In person gathering information here 

Series Introduction


Session 1 – Unveiled 

God shows His real intentions for us at the foot of Mt. Sinai

Discussion Guide for Session 1

Session 2 – God Unveiled – Exodus 19:10-25

To meet God means we must reorder our view of reality

Discussion Guide for Session 2

Session 3 – God’s Rules for Life -Exodus 20:1-2 

The rules of life are based on who God is, not just what He says.

Discussion Guide for Session 3

Session 4 – One of a Kind God  -Exodus 20:3-7 

In Session 4 of “Come Meet God” we learn that He is a one-of-a-kind God.

Discussion Guide for Session 4