Jesus painted pictures with words. These images are filled with messages of love for His children.  In this study we will look afresh at these portraits of love from the gospels and discover new dimensions of His love. Won’t you enter the gallery with us?

Series Introduction

Session One – The Bride

Session Two – Children

Session Three – The Shepherd/The Lamb

Session Four – The Soils

Notes for Session Four

Session Five – Stony Ground

In this study we will learn that our spiritual depth must be more than emotion.


Session Six – Thorns

To remain fruitful we must avoid a worldly perspective.

Session Seven – Fruitfulness

An unusual character shows us the way to spiritual fruitfulness

Mustard Seed Faith (Matt. 17:1-20)

We learn through a picture of a small seed that big things can happen if we remain attached to the object of our faith.

The Vine and the Branches (John 15:1-8)

Pastor Waggoner shares another portrait of love. In this study we will find that the vine and the branches show us the need for fellowship with Christ.