Pastor Jesse Waggoner Introduces the online Bible Study, “Jude: Finding Faith’s Foundation.” Teaching videos and study guides will take you verse by verse through this small New Testament book written by one who grew up in Jesus’ household.

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The Best Defense

In session one of this online Bible study Jesse Waggoner will take you into the book of Jude to discover the correct steps to identify and protect the truth.

Study Guide for Session One


The Word as a Weapon

In part two of the Bible Study “Jude: Finding Faith’s Foundation” Jesse Waggoner will show you how to use the Word of God for protection and to confront those who oppose the truth.

Study Guide for Session Two


A Dose of Discernment

In this session we will look at Jude 10-15 and discover that we can detect error by asking the right questions.  As a bonus you will be given the nine “Rules of Truth Detection.”

Study Guide for Session Three


Safeguarding You Spiritual Life


Safeguarding your Spiritual Life – Part 4 of “Jude: Finding Faith’s Foundation” in this study you will find how to detect error and find strength to combat false teaching.

Study Guide for Session Four


He is Able

He is able. Part five of “Jude: Finding Faith’s Foundation”  In this closing benediction/doxology we find that to contend for the faith we must develop a deep trust in God’s ability.

Study Guide for Session Five


Greatest Gift

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