Where are you traveling? Maybe you have trip or two planned, or perhaps you are committed to just staying home. No matter your plans you are going to do some travelling, a lot of traveling. In fact you are on the move as you read this. Not so sure? Consider this; right now the earth is spinning on its axis, with you on it, at a speed of about 800 miles per hour. It doesn’t feel like you are moving because everything around you, above you and under you is moving at the same speed and direction as you. If that is not enough movement consider this the earth travels around the sun at a speed of about 67,000 miles per hour! You are going somewhere, you have no choice.

Spiritually it is the same, you are always moving. You are either making progress in your walk with God or you are digressing. Even Jesus is described as making progress; “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”(Luke 2:52) If he needed to make progress, we certainly do.

I hope you will join me in being committed to going in the right direction. You can insure this by being in the Word of God regularly – you also should be part of a church that teaches the Word in a way that touches life. These will help keep you between the lines as you navigate the road ahead.

Jesse Waggoner  @JesseWaggoner

Originally published September 29, 2011








Running out of Time


“But may the God of all grace, who has called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you.” (1 Pet. 5:10)

I have a limited amount of time to write this before getting to my next scheduled thing. In fact I always have a limited amount of time. In reality I have a limited amount of everything – time, energy, opportunity, money, etc. and if you want to know the truth, so do you! We are finite every day and in every way.

As we think on the second part of the description of God as being “the God of all grace” I want to dwell on the “all” part. He is not limited in His grace. It never is in short supply, the transportation system to bring grace from the throne to you is never disrupted, it never runs out no matter how much you need. He is a God of unlimited grace. He is infinite every day and in every way.

So the next time you feel like your needs exceed God’s ability, or the reach of His compassionate grace – let this verse stop you and redirect you. He has not used up His allotment of grace on all the other needy people and left you without – He is the God of all grace. Thank Him for that today and live like that today – you had better get started time is short.

Jesse Waggoner   @JesseWaggoner

Originally published November 29, 2010