Waiting Rooms

As I write this I am sitting in a waiting room. I am not fond of waiting rooms. It is a nice waiting room; a flat panel TV tuned to the Weather Channel just told me it is raining in Milwaukee. The magazine selection is ok, except the titles seem a little tilted … More

Graveside Words

Today, I stood beside an open grave. The casket had been placed over it awaiting the words I would say before it was lowered and covered and we all slowly walk away. Multiple sets of eyes look at me from the faces of grieving … More

No danger, no stress, no life!

Earlier this year Julie and spent an enjoyable day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando. During a walk through one section of the park we came to the area containing gorillas. The one pictured above caught my attention and I spent a few minutes observing More

Blueridge Parkway

It is on my bucket list, I want to drive the all 469 miles of the Blueridge Parkway, I have been on short sections of it, and recently on my way back from a wonderful weekend with family at a wonderful Bed & Breakfast (a converted barn)…. More

The Sandwich Generation

Are you part of the “Sandwich Generation?” Nearly 25% of Americans are –no, I don’t mean those who frequent Subway or live to create culinary masterpieces on bread. The phrase “Sandwich Generation” is of recent origin; in fact Merriam-Webster officially added the term to its dictionary…  More

Some New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

It is no secret that most New Year resolutions are not kept, and by this point in the new year is when most start to crumble. So to help you out here is a short list of resolutions you can keep:

1. I am going to eat more and exercise less
2. I am going to watch more TV…More

Marriage Protection

When it comes to weddings I usually have the “best seat in the house.” Getting to officiate at a wedding is one of the fun things a pastor gets to do and it does offer a wonderful perspective on the proceedings. For one thing,…  More

Running out of Time

I have a limited amount of time to write this before getting to my next scheduled thing. In fact I always have a limited amount of time. In reality I have a limited amount of everything – time, energy, opportunity, money, etc. and if you want to know the truth, so do you! We are finite every day and in every way …More


Where are you traveling? Maybe you have trip or two planned, or perhaps you are committed to just staying home. No matter your plans you are going to do some travelling, a lot of traveling. In fact you are on the move as you read this. Not so sure? Consider this; right now the earth is spinning on its axis…  More

100 Year Journey to Joy

I WAS shocked at her simple beauty. Even through the 1920s styling of her clothes and the yellow tint of the photograph, she stood there smiling and confident with an expression of being at peace with the world. The faded image bore no outward resemblance to the woman I had come to know… More


Greatest Gift

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