Body Language

This study of the words used to describe the early church will enable you to focus on God’s purpose and plan for the church and help you find your place within that purpose. So let’s go back to the beginning and learn what the body of Christ is all about.

Please feel free to use this for your personal, family, or Small Group Bible study.

Complete Small Group curriculum and discussion. 


Right Now – Jesus’ Ministry at God’s Right Hand

Pastor Jesse Waggoner leads a discussion-based Bible study looking at how Jesus is serving His people now.  We often focus on the ministry to the point of His resurrection and contemplate His return, but the Bible says much about His activities right now.   Plan on being encouraged and motivated as we find out the “right now” of our Savior’s ministry.

Complete Small Group curriculum and discussion. 


Five Questions to Determine God’s Will 

Seeking to find God’s will for our lives is a universal and continual process in the life of a Christ-follower. Pastor Jesse Waggoner shows you the right questions to ask as you seek His will. 


Jude: Finding Faith’s Foundation

In this free online Bible Study, “Jude: Finding Faith’s Foundation” you will find teaching videos and study guides to lead you verse by verse through this small New Testament book written by one who grew up in Jesus’ household.

Complete Small Group curriculum. Discussion guides and leader helps.


Come Meet God

Your chance to have a close encounter with the God of the universe. Perfect for small group or individual study. You will be taken along with Moses as he the encountered God at Mt. Sinai in Exodus 19-40.

Complete Small Group curriculum. Discussion guides and leader helps.


Angels: Agents of God, Agents of Good

Angels are mysterious, marvelous, misunderstood, and most importantly they are real! References to angels appear nearly 300 times in the Bible yet we still know little about these servants of God. In this study we will learn what God has revealed about angels and what comfort and encouragement we can find in the knowledge of God’s angels.  


Greatest Gift

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